Evolution of Everyday Objects

About us.

Evolution of Everyday Objects -- because functional doesn’t have to be boring, and beauty doesn’t have to be difficult.

It's easy to think women's fashion is about dressing up. But it's so much more – it’s about how we live. Eoeo goes beyond aesthetics, asking, “What would it look like if these objects were created not by fashion designers, but a designer trained to consider how objects function, as well as the emotions they create?”

From the automatic and mundane (“What would it feel like to move the Neeru Tote from a chair to the floor if someone joined you at a table?”) to the subtly sensational (“Women reach into their bags repeatedly throughout the day — why aren't interior materials as subtly luscious as exterior materials?”), eoeo is an experience.

Design for Everyday Elegance

At eoeo, we celebrate beautiful design. Design, as we see it, isn't just for special occasions. It’s about bringing ease and luxury to everyday life. A rich appreciation for design led to a brand that respects how women live their lives: comfortable straps, bags that look beautiful both loaded up or mostly empty, quick access pockets, and easy shapes.

Starting from the simple and functional using a background in Human Centered Design, to small detailing inspired by Memphis Group, eoeo pushes beyond to design an object you can fall in love with.

Founding Story

After studying Product Design at Stanford University, Nina Khosla launched her career in startups and software. However, everything changed when she fell ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a debilitating disease that kept her from working.

However, medical condition or no, Nina remained inspired by design challenges of even the simplest type — like how to design a bag that both embodied beauty while remaining practical and spacious enough to fit a laptop. “What’s the point of owning beautiful bags,” she wondered, “If your everyday bag is an uninspiring, boring tote?”

Simple, it turned out, is far from simple. Her quest soon yielded a rabbit hole of luxurious materials, impactful design, functionality, and even feminism. Leveraging her background in human-centered product design, Nina’s creations emphasize how it feels to interact with bags, just as much as how it looks to carry them.

Turning a difficult situation into an opportunity to celebrate design, she's reconfigured her life around managing CFS while approaching everyday objects with new eyes. . After two years of development, of conducting countless interviews and contemplating thousands of leathers, she carefully selected the best partners and materials. eoeo bags are produced in small batches in New York City, and include leathers from the finest tanneries in France, Italy, and Spain.